Petit MushyP

    Crocheted radish toy play food (1 pc)

    6 GBP


    Back from my veggie patch with some round pink radishes all made in crochet!
    This crocheted radish is made of high quality 100% cotton yarn - green for the leaves - and in bright pink, pastel pink and white for the root.  Each root is filled in with some polyester toy fibers.  It is 10 cm (3.9") long - thread at the tip of the radish not included - and 3.5 cm (1.4") diameter

    ♣ Age recommendation
    It is perfectly safe for young children including babies

    ♣ Washing instructions
    Hand wash at 30°C and air dry preferably as indicated at the back of the packaging

    ♣ And some more information about this crocheted radish soft toy
    This toy has been designed and made in compliance with the EU Toy Safety regulation. This toy is CE marked as indicated at the back of the packaging. This means that the yarn and the polyester fiber filling used to make this toy are exempt of any harmful chemicals - especially if the toy is carried to the infant's mouth - and that the stitches (used to attach the branches of the leaves to the root) are strong enough that no little parts will come out of the toy

    ♣ This listing is for one radish but of course you can put several in your basket! Note that there is one listing for three radishes available